DIY Travel Photo Coaster Tiles

DIY Travel Photo Coaster Tiles

I love decoupage, but I hadn’t tried it myself and wanted to start off simple. The opportunity arose when my friend didn’t have coasters and wanted ones that reminded her of her home country. I was surprised how easy the project was and how well it turned out. So I made my own, using photos from our travels. Here’s how.

Note: This post was last updated on December 30, 2020.

Materials, Supplies, and Tools

Materials, supplies, and tools for "DIY Travel Photo Coaster Tiles"
  • Ceramic tiles (4.25″X4.25″
  • Electronic travel photos
  • Thicker, glossy printer paper
  • Cutting mat, cutting utensil, and ruler
  • Water-based glue, sealer & finish
  • A foam applicator


4-inch by 6-inch copies of travel photos printed on glossy paper

I purchased my friend’s coasters at a thrift store and found tiles online. I cleaned both before applying glue.

I selected electronic photos to use and printed 4”x6” copies on thicker, glossy printer paper.

Printed travel photo cropped into 4-inch by 4-inch square


Using the cutting mat, cutting utensil, and ruler, I cropped each photocopy into 4”x4” squares.


Decoupage glue poured on ceramic tile and spread out evenly with foam applicator

I poured a nickle-size amount of glue on a tile and spread it out evenly, using the foam applicator.

Decoupaging 4-inch by 4-inch travel photo square to ceramic tile

Then, I placed a 4”x4” square on the tile and smoothed it over, pressing down any air bubbles and removing any excess glue. I repeated these steps, using the remaining tiles & squares, and allowed them to dry.

After at least 30 minutes, I poured another nickle-size amount of glue on each tile, spread it out evenly, and allowed the tiles to dry completely.


Finished set of "DIY Travel Photo Coaster Tiles"

The glue is also a sealer & finish, but a spray can be used, too. Backing, such as cork, can also be added to the bottoms.

The tiles can be used as coasters, displayed on a stand, or hung. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Travel Photo Coaster Tiles

  1. A simple and easy technique to add value to your kitchen table and upcycle some photos whilst re-living memories. Well done!

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