5 Easy Things to Make with Your Travel Calendar

Travel calendars arranged in a fan configuration

Every Christmas, we buy a new travel calendar, and every New Year, we have trouble parting with the old one. It seems like such a waste to throw away such pretty pictures, but I had over ten calendars stacked up, so it was time to do something with them! Here are five easy things I made — and you can make — to give your old travel calendar new life.


Bookmarks made, using the border pictures of an old travel calendar, a laminating sheet, and black ribbon

Use thicker paper to make bookmarks for yourself or a book lover. Protect them from damage by using laminating sheets. Hole-punch one end and loop through and tie a ribbon. Here, I used ribbon from my scrap box.

2. Decorative Room Divider

A standing grid screen decorated with pictures from an old travel calendar

If you’re working from home but don’t have much of an office space and have to participate in virtual meetings, a room divider is helpful to have. Decorate one with your favorite pictures. Here, I attached my favorite pictures to a standing grid screen using binder clips (and double-sided tape).

3. Decoupage Home Decor

A rectangular white vase decoupaged with cut-outs from an old travel calendar and filled with green & white flowers and green leaves

Use thinner paper to decorate plain objects around your home. Fasten and coat cut-outs with decoupage glue. Here, I decorated a white ceramic vase. You can also decoupage white ceramic tiles to make coasters. If you feel up to a bigger challenge, try decoupaging furniture.

4. Framed Wall Art

Trace the glass of a frame onto more of your favorite pictures. Be sure to capture all of your favorite parts. Cut out and insert the pictures into frames and hang them. If a hole is showing, fill it by sticking a scrap to the back of the picture.

5. Gift Tags & Greeting Cards

Punch a hole through and add a tie to cut-outs to make gift tags. Here, I used a tie from my scrap box. Open up and trace a card onto thicker paper, and cut out and fold the paper to make greeting cards. Stick white or light-colored paper to the inside for writing messages.

Other Things You Can Make with Your Travel Calendar

  • Flash Cards
  • Game Pieces
  • Table Mats
  • Ornaments
  • Another Calendar!

Do you have any other ideas? Have you tried any of these? How did it go?


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18 thoughts on “5 Easy Things to Make with Your Travel Calendar

  1. Lifesaver idea about the bookmarks! My daughter always loses hers and I think she can make these herself with our old calendars. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Pepper, thanks for replying and my pleasure! Old calendars are great for making bookmarks in bulk. You won’t feel so bad if one is misplaced and will have extra on hand 🙂

  3. Great ideas! I have a hard time taking down previous years as well! I think I have two or three stacked on top of each other….now I’m off to make some bookmarks and new photos!

  4. Such great ideas! I have a corgi calendar that finishes in December that’s super cute, so I’ll have to steal some of these ideas. 🙂

  5. Some great ideas ! I kind of like the gift tags and book marks myself. That way I don’t have to worry about having them laying around until eventually gets thrown away.

  6. Mickey Miles, thank you! This can be a cool little project to do in spare time to dream about travel, do something creative, reuse materials, and save some money on other paper products 🙂

  7. That’s awesome, Rosita! I’m glad this gives you ideas for repurposing materials. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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