About Scout At Heart

Welcome to Scout At Heart, where you can find ways to live day-to-day and entertain resourcefully from the year 2020 and on. I, Scout, blog about optimizing health and comfort by making practical choices and using things you may already have in your home or neighborhood, information online, and the imagination, memories, and skills in you!

About Scout

I have worked in the fitness, healthcare, and education industries and had always been enticed by the world of blogging. Due to COVID-related changes in 2020, I had more time to explore it. Props to all, who have already been blogging!  

I am a habitual note taker and an avid collector of article gems, songs, and souvenirs. I love to eat, watch talent shows, shop for bargains, create, sightsee, and snap photos. I enjoy finding clever ways to cook, clean, travel, and live during this pandemic. Music always keeps me going! I am a strong advocate of minimizing waste and “spreading the love” because healthier, happier people make the world a better place.

To our health & safety and innovating, exploring, and sharing!