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Welcome to Scout’s Music Page!

Music headphones with half pink half blue background and gray highway
Photo Credits: Icons8_team from pixabay (top), markusspiske from Free Photos (bottom)

Here, I share links to song playlists I created based on my experiences, memories, and music sources!

Why a Whole Page Dedicated to Music?

Because music is awesome! It wakes us up, helps us cope, and gives us mojo. It’s thrifty entertainment that makes us laugh, dance, and come together. Personally, everything reminds me of a song. I hope these playlists:

  • perk you up
  • make light of your tasks
  • motivate you to push through
  • bring a different side of you out
  • inspire music mindfulness

Notes About This Page:

  • Scout and are not affiliated with or endorsed by any artists or the Spotify Premium digital music service. Playlists are for educational purposes and personal use only.
  • Links are shared rather than embeds. You can guess which songs may be included and see more details on Spotify, such as album, date added, and parenteral advisories (if any).
  • Songs are grouped under a certain topic, but they are best appreciated when fully listened to and researched. Look ’em up — you’ll be surprised by what you find!
  • Efforts are made to use only censored versions of songs, but not all explicit or suggestive lyrics can be avoided.
  • This page is updated regularly and songs are added to playlists as they come to mind or come up.
  • All pinnable images are created, using the Canva Pro graphic design platform.

Playlist by Title

Be You
Clap & Stomp
Declutter & Clean
Driving & Riding
Express Yourself
Simple Things
Sugar Sweet

Happy listening, enjoy, and pin for later!

Purplish-Pink and Light-Blue Pin with a female, who has short hair pursing her lips and blowing

Whistle Sounds Playlist

Photo Credit: Original lips by mizikm from Getty Images

one red cherry with stem and a light-red and dark-red background

Songs That Mention Cherry

Photo Credit: Original cherry by samanta folland from Getty Images

slices of citrus fruits (lemon and orange)

Songs That Mention Citrus

Photo Credit: Citrus by from Pexels

Pin with a purplish phone graphic and blue background

Songs Related to Phone Calls & Friendship

Photo Credit: Original phone by Drawcee via Canva

Aerial view of cars driving on a road through trees

Song Playlist for Driving & Riding

Photo Credit: View by lapography from Pexels

Black script font with a yellow sunshine and green grass background

Cowbell Sounds Playlist

Photo Credit: Grass by abdul7amidalfadhly from Pexels

white words in caps with an orange psychedelic textile background

Mojo Music Mix

Photo Credit: Fabric by Efraimstochter from Free Photos

Black words and a white church ceiling background

Wedding Anniversary Playlist

Photo Credit: Arches by PublicDomainArchive from Free Photos

Flight playlist pin with an airplane wing, the clouds, and the sky

Songs Related to Flight

Photo Credit: Background by Karyme Franca from Pexels

Express Yourself, Take Your Time Playlist

Photo Credit: Original paint by garageband from pixabay

White script font on a blue sky with pink clouds background

Dream Playlist

Photo Credit: Sky by Joao Jesus from Pexels

"Be You" in dark purple font with an amethyst background

Be You Playlist

Photo Credit: Original amethyst by KOVOWO from pixabay

Heart drawn out in the sand and the words, "Self-Care Playlist"

Self-Care Playlist

Photo Credit: Sand by CreativeInspiration from Free Photos

Clap & Stomp Playlist

Photo Credit: Original pom pom by Chimperil59 at Getty Images

Part of a lemon with a blue background

Declutter & Clean Playlist

Photo Credit: Lemon by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

"Stress" spelled out in caps on tiles and "Playlist" in script font with hot pink background

Stress Playlist

Photo Credit: Tiles by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

Walk Playlist

Photo Credit: Walk by monokia from Getty Images

Rain Playlist

Photo Credit: Original Splash by Marketplace Designers

Fingersnap Sounds Playlist

Photo Credit: hands by expressivehands via Canva

Sugar Sweet Playlist

Photo Credit: Original cake by Hans from pixabay

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